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Laura McConnell [s01e12]

Interview with Laura McConnell, neurodivergent school teacher who claims Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Hypermobility, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disord...

Jeff Ulrich [s01e11]

We speak with entrepreneur Jeff Ulrich who, at age 46, learned that he is Autistic.

Neurofeld with Haley Moss [s01e10]

Another episode of Neurofeld. When Haley & I get together, we call it Neurofeld (like Seinfeld), because we have no idea what we're going to talk about and just follow...

So a duck walks into a theatre (with Rhi Lloyd-Williams) [s01e08]

We talk with playwright & poet Rhi Lloyd-Williams about her creative life.

"Neurofeld" with Haley Moss, ESQ: a podcast about nothing [s01e07]

This week we talk with Haley Moss, ESQ about... nothing! And yet there's never a dull moment.

Crystal Rapoza & Autistic Bodybuilding [s01e05]

We talk with Crystal Rapoza, autistic bodybuilder and fitness coach.

Asuquo Emmanuel Abua [s01e06]

We talk with Asuquo Emmanuel Abua about his life as an autistic Black man with ADHD.

Me, Myself, and I [s01e04]

In a change of pace, we stop to look back at how Neuroverse got started, why I started it, where I want to see it go next. There are no guests. Just the creator, Magnu...

Wesley Jackson Wade and the Black ADHD Experience [s01e03]

"My ADHD is an accelerant to my Black experience." Wesley Jackson Wade is a mental health and substance abuse counselor, and career counselor to Autistic students.

Tourette's Syndrome with Paul Stevenson [s01e02]

We talk with Paul Stevenson about his life with Tourette's Syndrome and his beautiful photography.

Stay Home with Karen Lean & Bree Conklin [s01e01]

With the world going through a global pandemic, there’s a population - known for certain traits and certain needs - not getting much attention: autistic people. In thi...

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