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Laura McConnell [s01e12]

Interview with Laura McConnell, neurodivergent school teacher who claims Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Hypermobility, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder among her diagnoses.

Jeff Ulrich [s01e11]

We speak with entrepreneur Jeff Ulrich who, at age 46, learned that he is Autistic.

Neurofeld with Haley Moss [s01e10]

Another episode of Neurofeld. When Haley & I get together, we call it Neurofeld (like Seinfeld), because we have no idea what we're going to talk about and just follow all of the random threads wherever they go. It's a show about nothing. And yet, it's also a show about everything.

So a duck walks into a theatre (with Rhi Lloyd-Williams) [s01e08]

We talk with playwright & poet Rhi Lloyd-Williams about her creative life.

"Neurofeld" with Haley Moss, ESQ: a podcast about nothing [s01e07]

This week we talk with Haley Moss, ESQ about... nothing! And yet there's never a dull moment.

Crystal Rapoza & Autistic Bodybuilding [s01e05]

We talk with Crystal Rapoza, autistic bodybuilder and fitness coach.

Asuquo Emmanuel Abua [s01e06]

We talk with Asuquo Emmanuel Abua about his life as an autistic Black man with ADHD.

Me, Myself, and I [s01e04]

In a change of pace, we stop to look back at how Neuroverse got started, why I started it, where I want to see it go next. There are no guests. Just the creator, Magnus Hedemark, speaking to you directly.

Wesley Jackson Wade and the Black ADHD Experience [s01e03]

"My ADHD is an accelerant to my Black experience." Wesley Jackson Wade is a mental health and substance abuse counselor, and career counselor to Autistic students.

Tourette's Syndrome with Paul Stevenson [s01e02]

We talk with Paul Stevenson about his life with Tourette's Syndrome and his beautiful photography.

Stay Home with Karen Lean & Bree Conklin [s01e01]

With the world going through a global pandemic, there’s a population - known for certain traits and certain needs - not getting much attention: autistic people. In this episode, I talk with two fellow autistic adults to understand how their world has changed.

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