Jeff Ulrich [s01e11]

We speak with entrepreneur Jeff Ulrich who, at age 46, learned that he is Autistic.
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Host: Magnus Hedemark
Guest: Jeff Ulrich
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Show notes:
  • This episode was recorded a little while back. This and the next one are coming out after a long delay. Thanks for your patience!
  • Watch this episode on YouTube!
  • Jeff came out as #ActuallyAutistic in September, having just found out in January.
  • Interesting story to tell about life pre-diagnosis.
  • First year of processing diagnosis & moving forward.
  • Can the journey of late life Autism diagnosis be supported like those in a recovery program? 
  • Even if you're expecting & looking forward to the diagnosis, the experience of receiving it from essentially a stranger can be jarring.
  • We talk a bit about the Autistic community, how it can be a scary community sometimes... if you don't use the right words, have the right point of view, the community can turn on its own kind. Can we get better at this? Can we show each other more grace, give each other room for different paths?
  • Diagnosis can be a catalyst to becoming a better human being through understanding, reflection, introspection, iteration, adaptation, etc.
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