Neurofeld with Haley Moss [s01e10]

Another episode of Neurofeld. When Haley & I get together, we call it Neurofeld (like Seinfeld), because we have no idea what we're going to talk about and just follow all of the random threads wherever they go. It's a show about nothing. And yet, it's also a show about everything.
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Host: Magnus Hedemark
Guest: Haley Moss, ESQ
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Show notes:
  • Episode 8 got corrupted partway through and I left it out there as-is. The first part of the episode is fine and then it was gone. I had recorded Episode 9 on the same day before discovering the corrupted SD card so that episode is lost forever.
  • The loss of great content did make me kind of tail spin into a dark place. It took a little while to come back from that and start recording again.
  • There is a video of Episode 10 (this one!) and once I figure out how to edit that, I will put it on the new YouTube channel.
  • Haley is back at home in her own apartment after living with her parents for 7 months for the pandemic.
  • Haley has a book coming out, maybe in Spring 2021. Stay tuned and we'll have her back to announce it.
  • Shall we burn massive quantities of blue puzzle pieces in effigy?
  • Haley talks about her experience being featured on the Today Show.
  • Trains! Woo woo! We need some wholesome train content on the show.
  • Slight burning at the expense of "people without Autism" and comparisons to robots. We love our allistic friends, though!
  • "Non-compliance is a social skill."
  • Autism cause vaccines, not the other way around.
  • Discussed plans for Autistic world domination.
  • Why Haley can't stand Love on the Spectrum.
  • Documentary producers will piece together a version of you that may or may not actually/accurately represent you.
  • Being manipulated by documentary film makers to force things that aren't true, like relationships.
  • How to be a very public advocate while protecting your private life.
  • The hurtfulness of strangers calling us "inspirational". See Stella Young's TeD talk on "Inspiration Porn".
  • Interdependence in the Autistic community... we don't talk enough about it, so we make some time for that here & now.
  • What is "independence" and is it even realistic? Interdependence is totally normal, but watch out for co-dependence.
  • This episode launches the concept of the Haley Cinematic Universe. There's a lot that goes on in the lives of a public advocate that does not happen in the public eye. It's just for friends & loved ones.
  • Haley clarifies she's not an optimist so much as an idealist
  • What would a livable support community look like for people with disabilities? And who should / should not be allowed to live there? Could this be a better alternative to group homes or institutions?
  • The disability hierarchy is very very real.
  • The ups and downs of disclosure, how parents of disabled people advocate very differently than first-person disabled people, and why representation matters to avoid unintended consequences & discrimination.
  • Voting by mail... vs early voting, the ins & outs, ups & downs.
  • Politics... US 2020 election transcends politics. Trump supporters are going to be offended.
  • The Republican party has moved far away from protecting disabled Americans since passing the ADA.
  • Only one candidate (Biden) has a plan for protecting disabled folks. It's not a perfect policy, but at least they are thinking about it.
  • The realization that Joe Biden might have been pandering to the Autistic vote his whole career by riding Amtrak regularly, endorsing it, and even reading the magazine. We're going to invite Joe to appear on the podcast.
  • Twitter people mentioned on the show that you should follow:
  • Technical glitch near the end... Zoom problems! But we recovered!
  • I'm a just a little cod in a big machine.
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